Friday, April 27, 2018

Degree Show Prep

Djcad has the banners up for this years degree show, don't mind the colours. Very bright and spring like. My page on the uni site for the show so you can read my ramblings lol

And this is my space to hang work for the degree show. Well, half of it. Spent the morning trying to figure out layouts for things, made me realize I need to get a few things printed A2 size because its actually a lot bigger space then I thought lol

I did find 10 spare minutes to work on my dino head. I added some spikes on the neck frill and thats about it lol

Needs more spikes and some teeth since he looks like he has lost them in a bar fight.


  1. Nice work so far


    much love...

  2. Your dino is looking awesome. There are a lot of their bones in my state, Montana. Bears seem harmless next to the thought of dinos roaming the land! I wish you a great show!

  3. Good luck on the show, dino head coming along nicely.

  4. I have seen pictures of celebrities with no teeth and I find the toothless dinosaur hilarious. Good luck with your display, I hope it all goes swimmingly.

  5. Hope it turns out well and that you have.a great time with it all :). You’e worked hard and now your hard work will come to fruition!!

  6. Good luck on the show. Awesome work you do.

  7. You have worked hard, Jennifer, and I know you will have only positive outcomes.

  8. your 3D art reminded me of my workdays. I was a truck designer and we worked with 3D design. But I never done any art on that station. Your dragon lookd great.

  9. Ohhh I am loving this piece. Good luck at the show.

  10. I LOVE seeing this progress. This kind of art is every bit as time consuming of the artist as is more conventional means. :D

  11. Congratulations, Jennifer! Your work will be the highlight of the show! Hope you take pics.
    Love the taste tester image on your university page & the in-progress shots of the dino!
    When do you sleep?

  12. thank you Gillena :)

    thanks Tammie :) there were a lot of bones where I was living in Alberta, amazes e how big the dinos could get

    A Colourful World, thank you :)

    thanks Christine :)

    thanks Cindy :) tempted to leave him without teeth to ave time lol

    thank you Rhonda :) I'm glad its almost over tho lol, i'm exhausted right now

    thanks Faye :)

    I'm hoping for at least a passing outcome Julie lol :) thanks :)

    thank you Monica :) I've never designed a 3D car before, probably should tho lol

    thanks Nicole :)

    thank you Beth :) This is def time consuming lol

    thanks Chris :) I will try to take pics and then you will see stuff that is really the highlight of the show lol :) I dont sleep, prob why i'm exhausted lol