Monday, April 02, 2018

Jackalope Update #15

I have to get this finished today, I have a few 3D things I need to create for uni this week so it need to be done.

Putting fur on the body shouldn't take that long to do since its a bigger brush and a bigger area to cover. Then I need to rig it so I can move the legs as they look so odd here lol


  1. you are a perfectionist, looks good.

  2. Cannot wrap my head around how you did this, but damn...I am impressed!

  3. Your work fascinates me, Jennifer--so different from any art I have ever tried. This is an impressive creature!

  4. I don’t have a clue how you do this, but I’m wishing you lots of luck and time to finish. I know you have uni pressures on you, but this guy is looking really good :)

  5. Hard to imagine how you go about this.
    It is looking wonderful.
    congrats on your progress.

  6. thanks Christine :)

    Julie, thanks :) its easy if you use the right programs :)

    thank you Mary :)

    thanks Rhonda :) I'm going to try to combine some 3D work with uniwork :)

    thanks Tammnie :)