Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Jackalope Update #16

All done the fur and the antlers. Not done completely yet tho, need to rig it so I can move the legs as  don't like the way the back legs are positioned.

I haven't decided if I am going to colour him yet, don't have the time right now to colour him but i could in the future.

I probably did go a tad overboard on the fur lol


  1. No, no - love the fur!! Love this guy!

  2. would love to see it coloured!

  3. I love how you did the fur, and especially the little dots on the antlers. Great work!

  4. He's looking great! The details are wonderful.

  5. I think the fur looks great.

  6. Awesome creation ~ love it!

    Happy Days to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. thanks Chris :)

    thank you Christine :) hopefully I get some time to colour him :)

    denthe, thanks :) I used some fur brushes I bought online, saves time lol (sort of)

    thanks Lisa :)

    thank you Tammie :)

    thanks carol :)

  8. If you are going to have fur, it might as well be really furry. Colour would be good, I’d suggest green!!!

  9. Hey Jennifer!

    Love your Jackalope!!! Wow! I need to go back and get all of the specifics now. Like size, kind of clay, etc. Love how he turned out. Such imagination and creativity! Must have taken you forever to get this done.

    I've recently purchased 2 lbs of the Super Sculpey medium blend clay that's meant for sculptures, and was considering getting the firm blend as well. Maybe I'll get going on my sculpture sometime soon. I just work SOOOO much, I never have the time anymore.

    Keep up the fantastic work Jennifer!

    ~ Nancy

  10. Okay, so I went back and read your first posts on the Jackalope. Boy am I red! You did such a great job I thought it was actually a clay sculpture. Lol! You really should try clay for real Jennifer. Bet you'd do great!

  11. Nancy, I've used Sculpy before, loved it and love working with clay in school but my fingers are not as stable and dexterous as they used to be so digital still lets me sculpt things :D and thanks :)