Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Ocean Pollution Problem

One of my projects for uni was dealing with the problem of plastic in the oceans. So these are the models for the installation part of the project.

The plan is to get them printed, but if I can't I will just make turntables for them so you can see on video all around the models.

There should also be a graphics motion piece to go with it, but I'm still working on that so hopefully I get it done in time. I've got almost 3 weeks until its due lol (plus putting the stuff up for degree show, designing new business cards, making sure sketchbooks are done, getting things printed for degree show....)


  1. You are busy busy! I like this piece very much, plastic in the oceans is a tragedy. The ocean is so important and now there are dead zones created by our trash...

  2. Such a sad situation we are in.

  3. These pieces are just stunning, Jennifer. I really got an appreciation for them after clicking on the photos - so sad...

  4. thank you Lisa :) the more I researched about the topic, the more it bugged me how much stuff we just throw away

    Christine, yep :(

    thanks Chris :) hopefully I can get them printed and then people can handle the models, might help them see more on the models

  5. very noble project ~ save the critters!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  6. Such an important topic to work on, we have such a lot of native animals, birds and sea creatures killed or maimed by careless plastic littering. Can you have 3D printing at your art school??

  7. thanks carol :)

    cindy, yep they have 3D printers at uni :) free to use too :)