Saturday, June 16, 2018

More Watercolour Mess Sketches

Doodlewash #12

More very quick watercolour messes for Doodlewash. And I mean quick, less than 5 minutes for each of them, takes long to tape them to a board then make them lol

Doodlewash #13

Still loosely basing these on flowers from the yard, but mostly just focusing on colour.

Doodlewash #14

Doodlewash #15

I made one very bright and very wet piece and then just placed a piece of paper over #14 to get #15. I prefer #15, looks more like a flower petal.

Doodlewash #16

Another simple tulip reference :)


  1. Loving your color play - the first and last are my favorites :)

    1. thank you Rhonda :) im actually surprised how much i like the last one, normally dont like things that are that simple

  2. They has such wonderful flow to them and the colors are lovely.