Saturday, October 21, 2006

Day Out in Forfar

I have been working on that leopard, just haven't gotten enough done to warrant an update. So here are some pictures instead of our day out. We went to The Meffan Gallery today and walked around downtown. They had some more artifacts from the witch trials in Forfar that I wanted to look at. Was interesting, and sad at the same time. Its a nice little museum, showing the history of Forfar and the Picts. There are a few Pictish stones to look at too. I had seen them before but they are really cool to see anyway because some are not behind glass so you can get really close to them. Not too interested in the current gallery show though, not the kind of art (conceptual I think it is called, my art history is a little rusty) that I or John am into. So I'm just going to leave that at that. :p

Not our dog, not sure whos it is. It was standing right outside the grocery store not even trying to go any further inside. Could have been a stray, was gone later on. It looked so sad. :( Im always shocked when I see animals right outside the store not tied up. I'd be afraid they would run around the store or bite someone, not because the dog was vicious, but because someone might do something to the dog. People were petting him and he just stood there. lol

Waiting in traffic.

The Cross in Forfar, actually busy downtown today. Probably because of the nice weather, been raining the last few days.

East and Old steeple with a dragon weather vane which I think is really cool. I want one. hehe its probably huge.

Odin and his traffic cone. He lives a few houses down and loves to "play" with the traffic cone, its funny to watch. You know he is outside because you hear the cone go flying in his front yard against the bricks.

Makes me miss Luka when I see Odin. :( And then they tell me that someone has puppies that are related to Odin for sale. Too bad we don't have the space or the money, or we would seriously go and look at the puppy at least.

Link: Meffan Gallery

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