Sunday, October 15, 2006

Nap Time Nose

In between watching my mother-in-law panic as she packed to go away to canada for 9 days, I worked on this. I really like working on black paper, the colours lay down really fast. Not sure if its the paper or the colour but I am getting a painting effect with this, the pencils are laying down like acrylics. Kind of neat. Hard to see in the scan of course though :(

It is an odd size, about 10 by 11 inches, but probably going to crop it either square or small enough to fit into a 8 by 11 frame. Canson Black Mi-teintes paper, sprayed with acid free spray. Not really sure if that will help, but figure it can't hurt. I think its strange that the black is the only mi-teintes paper that is not acid free, all the other colours are.

Need to roughen up the tree log (which looks more like a brown rock right now) more, but going to wait until the cat is finished. It just looks funny being the simple white lines, a nose and a chin. :p

Tried to get a better picture of the art card I did yesterday, just my luck it was pretty grey outside today, hopefully tomorrow the sun will shine (its really not as grainy as it is in the scan).

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