Friday, March 23, 2007

Day with the Animals

A couple of pictures from today at Camperdown Wildlife Centre. I got some really good detailed photos, sadly the bears were no where to be found (sleeping?). They are renovating the whole place it seems, so some of the animals were not where they usually are or were missing in action all together. Still a nice sunny day out :)

Barn owls
barn owlsGoat saying hello (hoping we had something edible[same look our dog used to give us])
Pygmy GoatGolden Eagle. I got a few dozen shots of this bird, most of them turned out so I have lots of reference material now. There was another one in the tree but all you only saw the tips of its wings when it exercised them. You don't realize how big this bird is until you are 4 feet away from one. Big bloody bird! I love the colours.
Golden Eagle
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