Friday, March 16, 2007

Tattered Dragon

Dragon Tattoo Design by Jennifer PhillipCopyright 2007 Jennifer Phillip

A break from the tiger picture which was supposed to be a simple tattoo design, but now it is a little bit to big for me to even think about getting it as a tattoo. The circle will not be in the final version, I was going to have the dragon wrapped around a sunburst or starburst but I am not sure now. If I decide to colour this with coloured pencils, I will make scans of it at various stages. But if I am feeling adventurous then I might use my tablet.

Completely unrelated,I really want to bake muffins. Not really sure why, just want chocolate chip muffins. But the evil oven of doom will probably demand a sacrifice and I would end up scraping most of the muffin away. Or the middle will still be gooey, which is alright for cookies but not really sure what raw muffin mix would taste like. Gooey burnt muffins, yum.

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