Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I honestly have no idea how people do huge, detailed pieces of work with Painter without their hand falling off. I've only been working for 2 hours and my hand doesn't want to move any more. Probably would have helped if I had just started with doodles and worked up from there. Practice makes perfect, or a dead hand.

Hopefully I have a piece of digital art to post later (if my hand starts to work again).

Once I get use to holding the tablet pen, I'm sure it will get easier and the more I use Painter the more stuff I can do. Figured it was about time I seriously started to use my tablet, and cross my fingers (well I would if I could feel my hand, typing with just my left hand is hard) that it doesn't decide to die.

I wanted to make a new graphic using for my website so I did decide to colour this

*prods hand*

Some people might not be getting emails from me. I keep getting emails saying emails that I have sent either failed or there is a delay in sending them due to my IP address being blocked. So, I am not ignoring people! I have replied, but not sure what I can do besides posting here if people can't get my emails and I would rather not post emails here so everyone can see them.

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