Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blue Spikes

Dragon Banner by Jennifer Rose PhillipDragon Banner Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Coloured Pencil on Stonehenge
11 by 8 Inches

There is actually a lot of purple in those spikes, just not sure how well they will show up on various monitors. Seeing this in greyscale, really is helping me to see the areas that need to be darkened so it doesn't look so flat.

Slowly being completed. Just a few belly scales and then the canvas he is painting on, and I am not sure what to put there. Originally I was going to just cut and past some of my previous art in Photoshop on to the canvas, not so sure now. Maybe draw a little boat or a simple house. What do you expect from a dragon drawing with it's tail?? The next Mona Lisa?? ;)

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Susan Borgas said...

Jennifer I love the vibrant colours and do envy anyone that can create something mystical like this drawing.

Also my thoughts are with you with the scan and wish you a good result.

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks Susan :)