Friday, June 29, 2007

C'est Moi

Me doing nothing. *laughs* Normally I am scowling at the camera ("or hiding her face/making obscene gestures to the camera or me" - John) . My hair really needs to be re-coloured, would love to get it fire engine red.

Didn't draw today. My hands were and still are really shaky so I took a few pictures of the flowers in the garden.

The nasturtiums are growing wild. Well next time we know to only plant 1 in this corner and not 3. We are going to try to dig them out and put them in hanging baskets so that the other flowers in the area might still grow. I have visions of the plant mutating and growing legs like in a really bad horror movie, and killing us all. It already looks like it is starting to do that. (no, I haven't had any sugar at all today. Why do you ask??)

Also re-potted my daisies to a bigger patch of soil. They looked very rough for a few weeks but they are starting to look a lot better. Little late in the year, but I am still hoping that I get some nice daisies. We got hundreds of plants from that pot, too many that we ran out of places to put them.

And the lilies in the backyard. Later on in the year there are bright red ones in the same pot. The pot is so full of lilies, that when the stems grow towards the sun the pot falls over.

Hoping for art tomorrow. *crosses fingers*


Stacy said...

Nice to see you Jennifer. :) And a beautiful picture of those lilies. They are begging to be turned into a drawing.

leslie said...

Are those nasturtiums starting to form trailers or long stems? I am not familiar with them growing that way. Before you eat them, :), make sure they are nasturtiums and not something else. Anybody out there know? I still think they are, but I don't want you to experiment with something yucky!

leslie said...

OK. There is a reference to trailing ones here. Whew! I was afraid we had the makings of a murder mystery here..The Trialing Nasturtium.

Jennifer Rose said...

Stacy-The lilies do need to be drawn. I might post some more pictures of them so if other people want to draw them they can. :)

leslie- thanks for the link :) my luck I would have eaten some of the plant and gotten ill. Good to know I can still try it to see what it taste likes. The hubby thinks we planted the "Empress of India" type. Which would be really nice and pretty if it was. :) It is really weird though how it looks like its trying to crawl out of the area its planted in.