Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blue Skies for At least a Few Days

The sky a few days ago. Was really nice to see after the rain clouds. Because of the sunshine, all the flowers are really starting to come up. The bed of Livingston daisies is really starting to be filled with colour. Little bare in some spots, but it looks a lot better than it did a few weeks ago. Everything in there looked dead (I thought I had killed them all, but thankfully my black thumb of death was defeated this time).

Another picture of the lilies in the backyard. I really like this picture, and the bright yellows of the flowers. Another possible drawing (like I need any more things to draw, but at least it will keep me busy)

A picture of the whole bushel of lilies (not sure if it is a bushel, or what a group of lilies this size would actually be called).

And the blog isn't turning into one filled with pictures of flowers, I promise. I am drawing, just can't really show people what I am working on at the moment. Still working on the horse, but the other art is having to come first at this moment. Hopefully post an updated horse tomorrow :)


Leslie said...

Those lillies are immense! It is an "Immense" of lillies:)
I love ALL the pictures. Flowers, art, landscape.
It is so much fun to visit here.
Thank you Jennifer.

Stitchety Grub said...

Those lillies are beauties ... I look forward to seeing the horse at it's next stage too :-D

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks for the info leslie :)

Didn't get enough done on the horse today that is worth showing, but it should be done tomorrow. *crosses fingers* Thanks for the comment Britt :)