Friday, July 13, 2007

Books and Books

One can never have enough books (and a few DVDS thrown in for fillers). I used to have a lot more than this, but because I couldn't make up my mind where I was going to live, I had to leave many of them behind when I moved. The library is now slowly starting to grow. Always nice when your husband works at a book store :) You can sort of tell which books are his, and which are mine.

Yeah I do read a lot of cheesy books, and chick-lit, but thats usually only before I pass out for the night. If I read anything that has a good plot before bed, I am up all night until its finished (its worse when its a series, I'm reading until I pass out on the pillow). I will read anything at least once, and try to finish everything I read. There has only been a few books I haven't finished and I don't remember what they were called, so obviously they were that bad (or my memory is completely shot ;) ).

I love the big hardbacked Tutankhamun book. It has such gorgeous pictures. Couple of the titles are hard to read, so if you want to know what they are just ask. And if anyone has any suggestions of books to read I am all ears. No really, I have nothing left to read at home besides the Chronicles of Narnia books (never read them before), and after that nothing, a trip to the library will be called for if it stops raining. :)

Yeah I stole the idea of posting pictures of ones library from a fellow blogger :)

Leslies blog post of books


leslie said...

I am so excited by this! I LOVE to browse someone elses shelves! I always come out of the library with my head cocked sideways and neck stiff from rummaging the aisles looking at titles.
I hope this starts a trend!

The site in your links list, with artists' studios is cool, too.

I photographed my bookshelves in self defense against not having to write down all the titles:)

danielle said...

hey, i've been reading the chronicles of narnia for months everytime i get into it something comes up but so far its not bad

Jennifer Rose said...

lol, I thought I was one of the only ones who walked out of the library like that. I can spends hours in a library (not so much in the one here), some people can't understand how I can do that. I just love being around so many books. (yeah that sounds really dorky :p)

Months? Read to the baby, it wont matter what it is. You both with will benefit from it. (you can skip any parts you don't want to read to her that are too violent, but I haven't read anything so far that you would have to skip over)

Jennifer Rose said...

Wait a minute, I know lots of Danielles. Hopefully this is the right one :p Give me a break, I just got up :p