Saturday, July 21, 2007


I was bad today and didn't draw a thing. Spent most of the afternoon in Borders looking at reptiles and an owl (and books, I was good and didn't buy anything even though it was hard not to). A 4 month old Barn Owl named Lily. I got to hold her, which was really cool (yes, I had a huge childish grin on my face the whole time, can you blame me?). Took lots of really nice pictures of her, so will definitely be drawing her in the future. (thats not my hand in the picture, its her handlers)

And Ziggy the Iguana (2 years old). He was a rescue from a place that didn't feed him properly so he developed Metabolic Bone Disease, and his tail is all kinked because of it.

The reptiles and the owl were at Borders because of the Harry Potter book being released. Something to excite people and draw them to the store.


leslie said...

Way too cool! The owls wing colors are amazing aren't they?
I had an Iggy for 12 years. He had an extreme fondness for cilantro (coriander greens)
Is all of the world furiously reading? I approached the Potter books with skepticism, years after they were out, and am now a 'fan'. I will wait for the hub-bub to die down before I read the last book. I hope I don't hear the
ending in the meantime.
More rain for you??

Jennifer Rose said...

They have gorgeous wings, I took a lot of pictures of her markings. She was extremely soft, I can't even think of anything that is as soft as she was, to give an idea how soft she was (thats a confusing sentence :p). The Iguana was cool, but ended up getting stressed out so had to spend most of the time in its box. Be careful what you do online if you don't want to read spoilers, they are everywhere.
No rain today, rained the last few days though.

Robyn said...

I would love to hold an owl! And his eyes are beautiful in your drawing.

Jennifer Rose said...

robyn- holding her was def. a highlight of the year :) Ask around any birds of prey centre to see if you can hold one??