Friday, July 20, 2007

Magpie Sketch

"Magpie Sketch" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

A sketch for another coloured pencil piece I am going to work on. The reference picture came from Susan Borgas' SnapShots Blog. Go have a look at the blog, lots of gorgeous pictures to look at. :)

I know he looks angry (I'm not an angry person, I swear!), but its from the lines I laid down to make sure the eye lined up correctly. Hopefully he doesn't look so angry once coloured. I'm torn on whether to use a really nice red paper, or a lighter kind of sandy brown. I like the red paper and have been trying for ages to find something that would look really nice on it, this might be what I choose. I think the white markings of the bird would stand out really nicely.

I have a few more sketches to do and than I can start colouring/inking. I haven't forgotten about that scarab tattoo that I did awhile ago. I'm still working on transferring it onto paper that I can ink and than I have to figure out how I am going to colour it (why did I draw so many parts to the thing?).

And good news. I finally got a bank account. Yay!! After having nothing but hassles, I talked to a very helpful person on Wednesday and got a call today saying that the account has been opened and all the stuff I need is going to be sent to me. So that was the last thing I needed to get done and now that I have the account it is a huge weight off my chest. I can start selling art from my site (and a few other places) soon.


leslie said...

I am so excited for you! I can't wait to see where you go with this site now that you have $$$.
Isn't it a relief when you get to talk to a nice, cooperative someone at a bank?

Jennifer Rose said...

Still have to apply for the grant, but at least now I have a bank account so I can apply. Its a great relief off of my mind to have got the account and talk to someone who really helped me. :)