Monday, July 16, 2007

Old Blue Eyes Finished

Coloured pencil Clydesdale by Jennifer Rose Phillip"Old Blue Eyes" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
A4 Dark Blue Canson Mi-Tientes
Coloured Pencil

Okay so technically its only one eye, but "Old Blue Eye" sounds wrong somehow, (like its some kind of pirate with a patch over one eye) and the horse could have very well been a young blue eyes. This is about the closest I have come to getting the colours matched up, if the paper goes darker you lose the image of the horse and if the horse gets lighter the paper end ups a lovely sky blue. (no idea what this will look like on other monitors)

I coloured the tack very basically. I just wanted to hint that it was there. I like it, but would like to know from people if it needs to be more defined or if it just doesn't work at all.

And a picture from a drive we took yesterday. Great scenery, and a gorgeous blue sky. One problem though is that you never really get a grand view of the area with a photo (unless you have a really, really nice camera). You can sort of see the mountains in the distance and the dashboard of the car in the front.


leslie said...

I had an old white cat with blue eyes that I called Frankie, after Mr. Sinatra.
My monitor is showing this to be a nice deep blue paper. I think this is a striking picture.

leslie said...

I have to say again how much I like this horse.

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks Leslie, sorry for missing this comment the first time :(. I really like how it turned out, trying to think of what to do with it now.