Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Somewhere Over the.....

Oops, better stop right there before I get sued. ;)

Part of a huge rainbow that showed up yesterday evening taken while we had a quick little rainstorm. Snapped from the window, hence the weird angle. And the sky once the rain stopped and the rainbow left.

The fog was so thick yesterday, as soon as I saw it I though of this short story I had read years ago. Was just waiting for some tentacle to come reaching out of the haze and grab the nearest cat. There is a movie coming out. Either it is going to be a really bad horror movie, or a really good, bad horror movie. Nothing better then a cheesy horror movie that tries to take itself seriously. I do remember the story creeping me out, wasn't scary just creepy, but I was probably 10 at the time.

And a few pictures of Lunan Bay. No pictures of the castle ruins, the batteries in the camera died. But we are going to go back when the weather is a bit nicer and remember a few sets of batteries next time (and a coat).

Horse tracks! Saw horses in the fields but none on the beach. That would have made some really nice pictures and references for drawings.


leslie said...

Great rainbow! I can never see one without looking for the gold! The second picture puts me in mind of Harry Potter.
Have you seen the new baby gypsy van over at the coloured horse farm blog?
What is it about horses? I remain fascinated. I love the blue eyed horse you drew.

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks Leslie :)

I did see that baby horse, its very cute and has some interesting markings. :)

Rita said...

*sigh* Great pics Jennifer! Seeing all that makes me want to go back to the UK for a visit, rainy weather and all! :)

Jennifer Rose said...

When were you in the UK Rita?

Rita said...

I was in the UK about 9 years ago, after highschool I went backpacking through the UK, France and Germany...but the UK was by far my absolute favourite. I'm still fantasizing about the day I can get up the $$'s go back there...:D