Monday, September 03, 2007

4 Little Dragons all in a Row

Are they stuck in prison? Eat one too many maidens and now on death row? And why is it that its always the maidens that get eaten or sacrificed? I would think there would be more meat on a knight, a maiden seems like a small snack.

So this is what the Inktense pencils look like after they have gotten wet. Love the green and how bright the pencils are after they get wet. These have been drying for a few days and have not faded, not 100% sure of the light fast qualities though.

Green Dragon Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Ink and Derwent Inktense Pencils on Daler-Rowney Extra Smooth Watercolour paper
2.5 by 3.5 Inches

I did make a few mistakes where the ink ended up outside of the lines but I think it adds character to them (thats what I am saying at least ;) ). There is a quarter inch border along all of these so who ever has them can get them framed, I can cut it off though if needed. They do look really nice framed together this way, I imagine though they could be framed in any order. So this is the rainbow dragons in a mock up frame. :)

Contact me at if you are interested in purchasing any of these dragons before I stick them up on Etsy or eBay. Shipping is the same if you buy more than one *hint hint* ;)

Today's Scottish words of the day:
1) Teuchter
2) Stovies

Meaning of Yesterday's Scottish word
1) oot means out (seems kinda obvious now doesn't it? ;) )

First Rainbow dragon post


leslie said...

I love the little Golden one! I have seen my dog have that exact same facial expression.
I have been running from blog to blog and doing 'family' stuff for days now, and I'm missing adding some comments.
I'm going to make an effort to catch up, or track back, which ever.
The jousting must have been fantastic!

Jennifer Rose said...

It was fantastic to watch :D
I think I get a lot of the facial expressions that my dragons have from the dogs that I have had. :D