Sunday, September 02, 2007

Inktense Dragons

Ink on Daler-Rowney Extra Smooth Watercolour paper
2.5 by 3.5 Inches
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I decided to try out my Inktense pencils on some dragons. I had the line art from previous colouring attempts at these designs, so I just transferred it onto the paper and inked the outlines. There are 4 different designs, all supposed to look like they are trapped in the art card. I thought that they could be matted together in one long frame in the order of the colours of the rainbow. Like ROYGBIV. (red,orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet), because each dragon has a main body colour that would go in that order.

Anyone else have any other way to remember the order colours go in a rainbow??

I really like this paper. The ink flowed smoothly over the surface and didn't bleed through the other side. The Inktense pencils also laid down very smoothly and were easy to blend. It does also work very well with watercolour pencils and normal watercolours.

This is the pencils laid down before I added water. I like the light green colour as it is without having been watered down. But since this is an experiment to see how the pencils work I need to add water to it. So come back tomorrow to see the final outcome and the other 4 designs. :) If anyone has any questions about the Inktense pencils, please ask.

And having inked these designs reminded me of how much I enjoy it. :)

Inktense Pencils
Previous Coloured Dragon
Langton Watercolour paper


Lyra said...

That's a really pretty dragon. Do you draw anything else? No, wait. I'll go back and look at other posts. I really have to figure out how to bookmark blogs ;)

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks :)

Yeah I draw almost anything, not to keen on drawing cars. I just really like drawing dragons, mostly because no one can tell me the anatomy is all wrong. :)

I think the only way you can bookmark blogs is buy adding them to your bookmark list or adding a feed either on your browser or through a feed service.

leslie said...

I draw dragons for the same reason. I dare someone to challenge me...though I did have someone once tell me that the wings on my big green fatty dragon wouldn't get him off the ground. I had to agree :)

Jennifer Rose said...

lol You could have said dragons fly because they are magical, so even ones that have eaten a few too many cows could still fly ( might have a heart attack but they could still fly :p)

leslie said...

Oh, I do default to the, "It's just PRETEND" rationale. Seems too many people have forgotten what pretend is. They always seem pleased to be reminded of the concept.

Sandy said...

I like this, ...just bought some Inktense pencils today to try.

I have usually used regular Prismas.

Your art is nice. I like your dragons.