Friday, September 14, 2007


Peregrine Falcon Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip"Peregrine Falcon" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Coloured Pencil on Canson Mi-Tientes
2.5 by 3.5 Inches

Decided to just leave the background colour alone this time, I thought it went well with the bird as it was. I might do a few more bird ACEOs, we did take a couple hundred pictures of them when we went to Glamis so I have plenty of reference photos to use (yeah, we were a little camera happy). I'm enjoying drawing the different breeds and tying to capture the different characteristics of them.

My lilies flowered. I didn't think they were going to this year, a few weeks ago they were only about an inch long and I think the heat from the last week really helped them grow. I had actually forgotten what type they are, but I think they are oriental lilies, I could be wrong though.

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Rita said...

Nice falcon! I think you made a good call with leaving the bg "as is", the blue works really nice with the bird's colouring. So, are you getting faster with each passing ACEO? ;)

You're right, it is an Oriental lily. It looks kind of like a 'Stargazer' lily, a popular variety.

Jennifer Rose said...

I'm getting much faster with them, drawing them is becoming an addiction though. lol :)

Thanks for the confirmation of the lily, wasn't 100% sure of the type. :)

pencilwizard said...

Love the Falcon, the blue background works really well.

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks pencilwizard :)