Thursday, September 13, 2007

Scottish Words Together #2

Round up of the words posted since August 18, 2007

1) hoose means "house"

2) cleek is a hook

3) flyte means to scold someone or a dispute. I have no idea why this means what it does, it doesn't really make any sense. I would have though it was related to flying, or possibly birds.

4) peever is a game of hopscotch and so is the stone
a person tosses during the game. I never see kids playing hopscotch anymore. Makes me feel old :p

5) pirn is a bobbin for holding thread.

6) burn means stream or a brook.

7) neebur means neighbour

8) haud is to hold something. So you were really close Leslie :)

9) oot means out (seems kinda obvious now doesn't it? ;) )

10) Teuchter is a term to refer to a person from a rural area. It can be derogatory.

11) Stovies is just potatoes and meat mixed together. :) Really nice when covered with pastry.

12) freen is a friend :)

13) semmit is a vest or a coat. Yeah, another one that had me stumped. lol

14) fash means to trouble or annoy (no one here had ever heard of it before,...strange...)

15) ronepipe is a drainpipe that runs from the roof to the ground

16) tawse is a leather strap with 2 or more thongs on the end. Like the belt people use to get in school.

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