Saturday, September 01, 2007

Another Day at Glamis

So today we went to the Countryside Festival at Glamis Castle. Had a really nice time and took lots of pictures. I don't think I have seen so many different breeds of dogs together outside of a dog show. There were lots of birds of prey, and we took lots of pictures to use as reference photos. We missed a bit of The Devils Horsemen performing their Cossack riding demonstration but what we did see was wonderful. :)

Had a looks at all the merchandise stalls there. Some of the stalls were very well put together, others seemed very crowded. I know that a person should have lots of stuff in their stall but its too much when one person has a hard time turning around. I liked the craft tent, seemed very well laid out, and if I had the money I might think about trying to sell there. I can see there are lots of people at the festival but I did only see a few people selling art. Most of it was hand made things, such as bags and jewellery so I am not sure how well it would sell there. Dog art might sell well because of all the dog people there, and horse art might too.

So here are some pictures of today. We did take video, so I might post those in a few days :)

One of many Falcons
Some of the dogs

The Devils Horsemen getting read for a joust.
More pictures tomorrow, but right now I am about to pass out on my pillow. :)

Todays Scottish word:
1) haud pronounced hawd

Answer to yesterdays Scottish word:
1) neebur means neighbour

I guess if I started putting how to pronounce the word it might make it easier to guess what it means. The problem is that some words are really hard to pronounce. lol

Countryside Festival
The Devils Horsemen


leslie said...

haud = weewe weewe difficult, as in, not vewy easy.

I bet a few samples of your animal art at a festival like this would do well to gain some commisiions.

Jennifer Rose said...

lol I like that guess :) But no, not that. :)

Thats what I figured. Even if I didn't sell anything I could get some commissions out of it. The exposure would be great. :)

leslie said...

haud = a brick carrier, like a hod?

Jennifer Rose said...

I guess thats close, but not it :)