Saturday, September 29, 2007

Watching You

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Start of a cheetah face. The eyes look a little lop sided at the moment, I'm hoping it looks more even once more of it is complete. I also need to try to make the eyes look a little more glassy and than work on all those spots. :) The scanner has a hard problem scanning the yellow coloured paper, makes it a bit more orange than it actually is.

I actually found Root Beer here the other day. I knew I could get it, but just had never seen it before. John hates the stuff, can't stand the smell, I love it. His parents both took one whiff of it and declared that it smelt like Germolene, an antiseptic cream. Well thats better than John saying it tastes like Germolene (not sure how he would know what the cream tastes like, don't think I want to know). Now if only I could get All Dressed chips and Rockets here.

No Scottish word today because I can't find my little dictionary, hopefully I find it tomorrow *crosses fingers*


leslie said...

Rockets sound like Smarties, or Sweet Tarts.
I am a chocolate fanatic, and just cannot be persuaded away from it with something that is 'just' sweet.
I like Root Beer, too.
Yeah, ask John how he knows it tastes like Germolene...

Jennifer Rose said...

I love SweetTarts :) They are a little bigger than rockets and not as soft, but pretty much the same thing :)
I love chocolate too, but I really need to lay off eating so much of it. :p