Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fancy New Hat

"New Hat" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
2.5 by 3.5 Inches on Murano paper
£5 plus shipping
Contact me at if you are interested in purchasing before I put it up on Etsy

Another little ACEO dragon. I really like the Coloursofts on this paper, they glide across the surface. I will try to get a better scan tomorrow, the colours are off in some places :)

I ordered some neocolours 2 so hopefully they arrive sooner rather than later. I have seen such lovely art produced with them I really want to try them for myself. Just not %100 sure on what paper to use with them. I was thinking watercolour paper at first and than see if I can get my hands on some kind of art board in the future. Now I just have to find some drafting film to try out

Added the Candy Corn to my Etsy shop. Only thing there at the moment, but I plan on adding more ACEOs and other artwork to it when they are completed.

I added my Etsy Mini to the side of the blog so people can see what is for sale when they visit here. :)

Todays Scottish word:
1) oxter

Answer to the last Scottish word:
1) guising is pretty much what going out trick or treating is (in simple terms)


pencilwizard said...

Awww love this little ACEO...I like all your dragon drawings.

Rita said...

This is really a cute little ACEO Jennifer! I love the idea of the dragon popping out of the Jack-o-lantern.

Can't wait to see what you do with the neocolours, be sure to give us an update when you do try them.

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks Rita and pencilwizard (its horrible that I don't know your name :/)

I might try to do a small WIP with the neocolours. Figure it might be helpful to people and helpful to me so people can show me what I might be doing wrong with them lol. :)