Thursday, October 25, 2007

Guess where we are??

Hi I (John aka Jen's husband) have taken over this blog for today, in light of the awful photo Jen has chosen to use today :P
Jen deems I smile strangely (or doesn't smile at all - Jen) in photos so she is trying to manipulate a "proper" smile out of my face :P
I'll give you guys a clue.....We're somewhere in Canada......but where exactly is for the guessing.
ok......another clue somewhere with lots and lots of water.

We have video also, but Jens language is a tad foul so we might try again today.
Anyways going to go and do some sight seeing, eat more junk food and act more like tourists :P


leslie said...

Hey Hi!
Looks like you're having fun teaching each other to smile :)
Were there still any colored trees to see? It's all the rage for the touristy set to go "Leaf-peeping".
Good to hear from you both. Enjoy yourselves!

Jennifer Rose said...

Lots of coloured trees to see. :) It was very pretty. Now that I am back I have to go and read about what everyone has been doing. :)

Sandy said...

ahh great photo of you two.