Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What are you Looking At??

"What are you Looking at?" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Coloured Pencil on yellow Canson Mi-Tientes
Roughly 5 by 6 Inches

Finished the cheetah for now. I might come back to it in a while to see if I need to add anything to it, but for now it is done. The paper colour is almost impossible to scan correctly, and its too grey outside to take a photo of it. :/ I know it looks a little flat right now, but I honestly need to put it away for a few days/weeks until I work on it again.

Now onto my dragons and probably a few ACEOs. :)


leslie said...

Your animal pictures are just the best. You are quite expert.

Eli Edmundson said...

Looks good to me!

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks Leslie, that a really nice comment :D

Thanks eli :)