Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Moggy WIP

"Moggy" WIP Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

A little work in progress of another cat's eye. This time an everyday black moggy. For most of the ACEOs that I do, I do a quick little 5 minute sketch on paper already marked for the right size (2.5 by 3.5 inches) so that I know the finished drawing will fit the right format. Than transfer the drawing either with transfer paper or if the finished paper is light enough I use a light table to trace the lines.

So far with this I have just layered a few light yellows and oranges around the edge of the eye. The pupil is a combination of dark green, dark blue, black cherry and than black over that. Sometimes I just use black itself, but it does have a tendency to look really flat.

I put a few faint lines where the darker parts of the fur will be just so that I remember when filling in the rest of the fur. Not sure how much of a WIP this will be as it is a simple little thing but I will try to get one more scan of the eye before it is done (unless I get carried away and lose track of time).

And for the painter in all of us and for those who love throwing paint at the walls, make your own Jackson Pollock :)

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