Sunday, December 02, 2007

Xmas Tree

The Xmas tree in downtown Dundee. I think its pretty, probably looks better when its lit up but it was raining so we didn't stay around long enough for it to get dark. Going to go back maybe sometime this week, later in the day to try to get some nice shots of the lights. I'm not a Xmas person, but I do like looking at all the light displays. :)

did I post this link before?? Its a link to how to fold an origami dragon. I haven't tried it yet, not sure what paper to use. I want to make one thats 4 feet tall but not sure where I would get paper big enough :p


Leslie said...

Look at this guys origami. Click on "monumental " in his menu for a look at some big stuff.

Sorry about the brief commercial here, but the TV segment is cool.

Jennifer Rose said...

That stuff is so cool! Very talented guy :D

Origami Dragon said...

Well, I folded that one from the first try! Unfortunately this was my first model, and I used a small paper, so it turned out rather... messy.
On the second try it looked much better though. After that I found much more beautiful (and in some cases simpler) origami dragons :)