Friday, January 18, 2008

Answer to the Pink Fuzz

A huge pink dragon with a heart for the end of his tail :p The pattern is 24 inches from tip of snout to tip of tail, but once it is sewn it will be just under 20-22 inches long. I don't generally celebrate Valentines Day so coming up with ideas for the day is hard for me to do. Blue or green eyes? Leaning towards the blue.
I did sketch a Valentines Day dragon design which I am hoping to get started tomorrow and if I get it finished even better :) Hoping that it will make a nice design for either a print or for cards.


pencilwizard said...

Awww he is going to be so that pink colour.

leslie said...

Chocolate colored eyes!
Love the heart tail!

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks :)

Not sure if I have chocolate coloured eyes. *goes to look* found them! :) :P