Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pink Dragon Finished!

Stuffed and tagged, he is finally finished. I stuffed his head, feet and his tail but the main part of his body is full of little beans which are in a lining so he doesn't lose his filling. I wouldn't poke him with any sharp objects in case he loses his guts though. And thats not a mess anyone wants to clean up (I had to pick beans off the floor more than once) :P His wings are a little crooked but nothing is perfect. He just needs a name now. Any suggestions??

And "moo" and the pink dragon next to each other. Moo was stuffed with so much stuffing his side ruptured :/ But that was easily fixed. I want to make another cow pattern dragon and I have some leopard print that I think will look nice too. Than I have to find some nice green fabric and try to make a dragon that goes with the one in the banner above. :) But first its back to drawing :)

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