Sunday, January 20, 2008

Valentines Dragons

Valentines Day Dragons 2008 Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Quick little drawing done with coloured pencil on Stonehenge paper. Very simple design because I cannot think of anything else to draw for Valentines Day. I really am not a mushy person who swoons over flowers or rocks (well maybe the rocks but I'm not a diamond girl), ok I would probably be happy to be given chocolate but I think maybe because I am not a romantic person I can't think of anything sappy or romantic to draw for the day.

Next dragon holiday themed drawing is going to be Easter. Chocolate, candy and dragon bunnies. Lots of ideas for other holidays left to come. :)


W. J. St. Christopher, Digital Artist said...

I'm a very mushy person, but hey, dragons need love too!

Now, I'm off in search of that chocolate...

Ann said...

Oh, I like this! The dragons look perfectly content posed around the heart. Good to see you drawing something with a dragon :) Your EDM sketches look very nice too. You should post on the EDM group!

Jennifer Rose said...

Hope you found some chocolate :)

Thanks ann. I joined the group but just haven't found the time to post there :(