Monday, March 31, 2008

Start of an Eagle

"Golden Eagle" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
The above image is the Neocolours laid down dry. You don't need a lot of the pigment, a little goes a long way. :)

Start of a Golden Eagle. Well thats what it is supposed to be :p Been going through all the pictures we took last year, and there are a lot of birds. So I'm going to become a bird lady soon and only draw birds. No, I'm kidding but it will probably seem like it :)

First wet wash. I didn't really like the colours, so decided to do another layer.

Lots of water used here. Probably going to take all night to dry. The parts of the paper that are drying now look very neat. Going to try to get a stencil brush tomorrow and put a layer of coloured pencil over this and blend with the brush. I really am just fooling around with the Neocolours. :)
Parts 4 and 5 of the car ride on the 26th

6.13 mins
John bought me one of these and one of these. Going to try to plant them in the front garden so I am hoping they grow as they are very pretty :)

*lesson learned today. Don't use Neocolours next to the laptop. The keys were a nice shade of green for awhile :p*


decadentdiamond said...

The golden eagle looks so interesting, and the way you started it by roughly applying the colours into its sections then blending it all in.. very fascinating!

I miss doing this sort of art, did it all the time in college.

Ann said...

Aren't neocolors fun! Can't wait to see where you go with this one. What type of paper are you using?

Jennifer Rose said...

That is the one thing I do miss about school, being able to experiment when ever I wanted. :)

they are a lot of fun ann :) wish I had of heard of them earlier :) This is on Stonehenge, only have a few sheets left so I am trying to use it up.

leslie said...

Dahlias, dahling!
How nice of you John!

Jennifer Rose said...

He got me lilies last year, which should start growing in a few weeks :) I'm not a person who wants flowers for presents unless I can put them in the ground :p