Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Some yellow flowers from yesterday in the front yard. No idea what they are, just think they are really pretty. Ignore the dead weeds in the back, had to spray them with weed killer because nothing was killing them. Even if we thought we had dug out all of the roots they still grew back. Not the best for the ground but the weeds were killing everything else in the bed. :/

Poured down rain this morning. Monsoon like :p I'm sure the plants liked it though. John mistakenly bought squash a few weeks ago even after I told him I don't think anyone will eat squash (I can't stand the stuff). Well it is growing very very well in the greenhouse (along with a lot of other things). Which would be a bad if we ended up with tubs full of squash that no one will eat but, John didn't realize that it is ornamental only so I guess I can use it for still lifes :p

And no I haven't stopped working on the dragons or the eagle, I just thought a break from coloured pencil might be good for a few days. :) So this is going to (hopefully) be a drawing of Deuce. Nice blog with all the plus of having a dog of your own and none of the mess :p

I know his eyes look like they are in the wrong place but I am pretty sure that just has to do with the camera. When I look at it and measure, everything that is in the sketch looks they way it should. The line art always looks so empty before I start shading and often it doesn't really look like the actual subject because it has no values. I think this is Fabriano 5 paper, but it could be Stonehenge too. Not a huge difference between the 2 I have found when I use graphite just have to remember to spray both types of paper with fixative when finished to help stop smudging. They are both a nice white paper for graphite but if I had to choose one it would be the Fabriano paper as I like using it for coloured pencil and graphite and only like the Stonehenge for graphite.

And really this is good advice and probably would have saved me a few scars on my arms :p

"Never wear anything that panics the cat. "
P. J. O'Rourke


Chrissy said...

Wow, thats weird, I work with a guy who has the most gorgeous border collie and I asked him to email some pics so I could have a go at painting her....the trouble is I feel you will do Deuce justice whereas my efforts at Speckle will be a little less proficient - So I will have to do my best! Thanks for the info on paper, I really am going to have to do some research, I haven't got a clue what paper I like apart from the thicker the better! hugs - ChrissyX

Jennifer Rose said...

I am sure you will do a great job with the painting of Speckle (that is a great name for a border collie :D) Post some WIPs please if you can :)

I like the Fabriano paper for everything really. I have started to use Hot Pressed paper if I need the paper to be white. Stonehenge in my opinion it highly over rated. I would love to try some canvas paper or boards to see how coloured pencil or the neocolours work on it.

I am always trying different coloured paper. As soon as I see paper samples at art stores I grab a few lol. Have been using Murano paper a lot but it probably will piss off a lot of people that are going to use coloured pencils because you can only get a few layers before all the tooth is gone.

I also use sketchbook paper but its from the Robert Bateman sketchbooks and it really doesn't feel or look like sketchbook paper. Love using Mi-Tientes paper but once again its another paper that isn't for everyone. I would love to get a hold of some Strathmore Artagain Pads and some Pastelbord but I don't think you can get the latter in the UK. :( I know I can get something similar to Dura-Lar here but not sure where. So much paper to try out its insane lol

hmm this is a long reply :)

leslie said...

What a cute dog! :)
(He's listening, so I have to say...)
The drawing looks great to me! Thanks for doing it.
Are those yellow flowers tulips?

Jennifer Rose said...

lol :)
thanks :)
I'm not sure what the yellow flowers are. They could be tulips, but I think John's mom called them something else. I will try to ask her tomorrow what they are :)