Sunday, May 04, 2008


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This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I fell asleep :p We had our wedding rings sent away to be resized because they were way too big. Well we went to get them on Saturday and now they are too small :/ Which made me laugh :p

So they are now going to be stretched to a slightly bigger size. The store where we took them was very helpful and apologetic. It happened because when we went to see what size we were it was a colder day and Saturday was quite humid so our fingers had swelled. I couldn't get my ring past my knuckle and John couldn't get his off. His finger was turning blue. Hand lotion helped pop it off. So the rings will be a bit bigger but not as big as they were originally, just enough so that when our finger do swell none of our fingers turn blue.

They were so loose John lost his under the dryer. We thought the dog had eaten it or that it had fallen off while they were playing but thankfully it was found undigested. :p


Helen said...

Ooops - I've had exactly the same happen to me! The shop tried to suggest my hands were just hot, but it turned out they'd size my ring down too sizes instead of one!

Thanks for your comment on my Juliet cardie :D

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your post. It makes me feel better knowing that other people have wedding ring problems too. It seems like a never ending roller coaster for us. We live in a small town so I knew back when he asked me to marry him that we were going to end up going online to order our rings. I also knew that I needed to find something really durable and someone was kind enough to mention that I should purchase a titanium ring. My husband is a mechanic so I knew the ring would have to be durable. After countless hours doing research on the internet I found a website called and to make this part of the story short I’ll just go ahead and tell you that I ordered his ring from that site. Well, a couple of months ago he lost it!! I couldn’t believe it. I know he didn’t do it on purpose but that doesn’t make it any easier for me. He was in the pit at his shop and he said he was reaching up behind the motor of his pickup and his hand got jammed. As he pulled his hand out slowly his ring started coming off, he tried to catch it but it fell into the oil drain on the platform. It’s lost!! So I jumped on the site and re-ordered him the same ring. He liked his old ring a lot and it held up pretty good, until he lost it of course. So, it does comfort me in some small way knowing that other people have trouble with these sorts of things as well. None of my family or friends has ever lost their rings. Can you believe that??

Tizzalicious said...

Oooh, how unlucky!

Jennifer Rose said...

your welcome helen :) the jeweller was confused as the rings were down sized to the right size. The only thought she had was that is was a pretty hot day so our fingers swelled. I was so worried that we were going to end up in the hospital to get John's ring cut off!

John's parents bought us the rings in the UK after we sized our fingers ourselves, which is probably why they were too big lol. It is hard to believe that none of your family and friends have lost their rings. I have lost dozens I think and some that I really loved, but at least not my wedding ring *knocks on wood* titanium rings are such a good idea!

Serena said...

I always size rings in the hotter months of the year because, in winter, my hands shrink a whole ring size. I hate loose rings swinging around on my fingers but, even worse, I can't stand that tight, 'cutting off the circulation', feeling when a ring is toooooooooo snug.

Jennifer Rose said...

I have to take the ring off before I go to bed because it gets so snug it wakes me up, but I can live with that :) I hate really loose rings too, either I am afraid they will get lost or the get caught on things and get ripped off my fingers :/