Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bounce! Bounce!

Luka in Lake Erie. For the longest time he was terrified to get in the lake. Couldn't get him to even walk across the little stream down by the dock.

He hated to have a bath (what dog likes to have a bath? :P), and would start shaking as soon as we finally managed to get him in the tub. And by the time we moved away, trying to lift a 100 pound plus dog into a tub was no easy feat.

Big chicken dog lol was sad but funny at the same time. Funny that this dog that people ultimately assume is mean, is shaking in fear of getting wet, but he is a big softie. We never could figure out why he was so scared of water.

But that was until I got in the water. I honestly wanted to try to show him that is wasn't a scary thing and he slowly swam out to me.

And then he wouldn't get out lol He started bouncing around in the water and chasing the splashes. I wish that the sun wasn't going down and that we thought about taking video. Would be great to have more pictures.

Dad still takes him down to the water, and lets him run around. He loves it and like most dogs, as soon as you mention walk or in this case beach he never leaves Dad's side until they go :)

*art soonish lol* finger painting? ;)


Macpurp said...

what a beautiful dog!
Our poppy dose not swim....she bounces on all four feet like tigger!
lovely photos!

Chrissy said...

Great pics Jen, looks like a real softie :D

Teena in Toronto said...

Our dog HATES the water. Ha!

Happy blogoversary!

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks :D Its always a laugh when dogs get near water. He is a big softie, but could still hurt someone by accident. We always told people that any dog can bite, he never did but he is very protective of Dad and the house (which is a good thing)

My other dog Loch hated water, hated to be bathed. He was the worse dog I ever bathed at the dog groomers. He was so freaked out by the running water he managed to put holes in the wall trying to get away :/ Managed to get him bathed though, but it was hard to tell who was more wet. Me or the dog :p He did get better with time.