Saturday, August 23, 2008


So we got home tonight after being away for about 2 hours to come home to a flood.
ok not that bad, but there was a puddle on the kitchen floor by the fridge :/ It started defrosting which is really annoying but hopefully it was just because one of us didn't close the door properly. *crosses fingers* or I am going to be cooking a lot of food tonight :p

So the above photo is a little stream down where I use to live. I don't actually think this stream is there anymore. I know the wood fences and gardens down there were wrecked when a dam burst near by. Lots of damage and lots of dead fish. Glad I wasn't there for that :p Lots of people had damage to their property and from what I am told its still being cleaned up.

This is down by the dock (which not sure how wrecked it got in the flood). Nice quiet place to either read or go fishing.

Mr.Fuzzy being a fisherman :D The fish was good and thankfully no one fell in the water :p

And this is winter :) Me by the dock in my fuzzy wool coat (I love this but it is huge now on me lol) There was a lot of ice that year. Was really nice to look at but dangerous to walk on. Dad and Mr.Fuzzy walked on the lake but I was too chicken to lol

The light house and the mountain of ice on the lake. They blew it up lol Didn't go see it, but wish I had of. It was blown up to stop people from climbing on it (the little black specks are people)

And it wasn't that year but the next when I got a call at work saying Dad hit a plow. I guess the look on my face said it all as the customer I was helping was really concerned. And then honestly I laughed. Shock? Probably, and thinking about it now it was a little funny. Dangerous but not something that wasn't uncommon at the house.

Ok people were not hitting plows every time they left the house, but something usually happened to make the day more interesting

The truck was totaled. The body was all twisted and the door wouldn't close or open. The big hole above the wheel was were the tip of the plow blade went in. Not fixable because trust me if its fixable Dad can fix it.

So a quick trip down memory lane :D


Chrissy said...

Great photographs, it looks lovely (the lake) ;D

Serena said...

Great pics! :)

Yikes on your Dad's predicament!