Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Blog!!

Cake all around! :D I am actually shocked that I have found enough to write about for so long lol

Did I ever mention on here that I got my ILR? I might have I'm not sure. Its a huge weight off of both of our backs (and not a waste of £750 yes you read that right, not a cheap thing to get and even more money to get a British passport (£600 donations please jk ;) ) if we choose to do that. Which would make sense to get as then we both could live anywhere in the EU )

So started on the pumpkins on the Halloween picture. I might do them all different shades of orange. I will just have to see if the whole piece needs the warm colours to it or if the pumpkins might be the focal point when I want the cauldron to be what a person's eyes rest at.

I want to do the dragon leaning over the pumpkins various red shades but than I have to be careful no to make it too bright. I am not really worried about using red pencils and having them fade as this isn't intended to be sold, but made into prints and cards. Of course if someone offered to buy it I wouldn't object :p I will be using fixative on this so it helps protect the colours from fading.

The flying witch dragon (under the paper) will be green of course lol Not sure what I colour I will make the dragon by the cauldron. If the cauldron is going to be purple/black the dragon will have to stand out. Can't use yellow or orange because of the pumpkins, light blue might work. Could try to make it a zombie dragon :p


leslie said...

Happy Birthday, Happy ILR, and Happy Arte y Pico Award waiting for you at my blog!

tlc illustration said...

Zombie dragon! That sounds perfect for Halloween.

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks :D *goes to look*

I'm going to have to try to make him a zombie without getting to gory lol

Macpurp said...

happy bloggy Birthday!
i love how the drawing is coming along.

cutedesigns said...

The Halloween stuff looks and sounds good so far. :) I'm thinking about Halloween too but never know whether to make much as we don't go so mad about it. :/

leslie said...

...Happpeeeee Birthdaaaaay little blogggie,
happppeeeee Birthdaaaay toooo yooooo.
Now make a wish and blow out the computer...

Serena said...

Happy Blog Birthday!!!

Happy ILR too! Is that like Permanent Residency?

The drawing is coming along well ~ :)