Friday, August 15, 2008


So the plan today was to finish the front lawn, but it rained again :/ So we decided to see how sour we could make these cookies. :) They are sour but nowhere near as sour as I thought they would be. And we used probably about 6 tablespoons of fresh lime juice over the 2 that the recipe says to use :p The flat still smells like limes lol

At least this time though we didn't double the recipe and end up with 100 cookies. Last time we did that we ended up with 3 lime pies. And while they were really really good that was a lot of pie :p

Art post tomorrow and the Scottish word of the week.

*off to eat another cookie*

I'm so behind on reading blogs. I really need to try to catch up this weekend


tlc illustration said...

They sound yummy. I am always disappointed that one cannot seem to get cookies very sour either (lemon coolers suffer from the same malady).

Jennifer Rose said...

I think maybe next time we will try lemons instead of limes and hopefully then they are a little bit more sour.

I've never actually had a cooler, tempted sometimes to get the pineapple ones but I'd rather just get sour candy :p and eat so much of it my tongue goes numb lol