Monday, October 27, 2008

Everyday Matters Challenge #195

Everyday Matters Challenge #195 and #132
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Very short blog post today as I spent most of the day cleaning :/ The necklace is one Mr.Fuzzy bought me last year.

I love this necklace:

It was a wedding present from Mr.Fuzzy's grandparents. My favourite colour and my favourite animal all together. I just wish I had somewhere to wear it as it a bit too much to wear everyday. That and I am afraid that I will break it lol


Anonymous said...

very pretty neclace.snakes of course, what is it made of looks like glass.

Jennifer Rose said...

I actually have no idea lol its not silver, but I don't think its pewter. I don't think its glass, but not 100% sure

Macpurp said...

two beautiful necklaces.

Ann said...

Great sketches and lovely necklace too. I like your pears drawing below also - very nice.

ChichiBoulie said...

Oh you should wear it and enjoy it! All you need is a pair of jeans and a top and you're done!

Chrissy said...

These are both very pretty...I seem to go through phases of wearing jewellery. I try to avoid looking at Etsy though, it would be disastrous, LOL

Jennifer Rose said...

etsy has a lot of jewellery that I want to save up for. So hard just choosing one though lol

I might wear it when I go to the open day at the Uni on Monday :D