Saturday, October 25, 2008

Virtual Sketch Date Pears Finished

"Pears"Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
ACEO done with Coloured Pencils

The finished pears :) They are a little bit brighter in person. They look really dull on my monitor (or its my eyes :p) Go check out the rest of the art at the Virtual Sketch blog :)

I enjoyed making this little piece of art. I don't draw pears enough. I took 3 progress scans so I will be writing up a small WIP to put on my newsletter (yes its another plug ;) )

And I got a Treasury over at Etsy. I have gotten a few treasury wests but don't think I got one on the main treasury page before.

For someone who isn't a girly girl I picked a lot of pink things lol Click on the picture to go the treasury.

Pink items from the members of the Crafting in Color Etsy Team. Follow the link if you want more info.

If it is a nice enough day tomorrow I want to walk up the hill to see if I can get some nice photos of the hills in the distance. Of course if the weather is anything like today, I don't feel like pulling a Jack and Jill. Windy enough to push me around :p


Macpurp said...

the pears are fab darl!
i did write wot a lovely pair but then it looked rude!
have been for a wander on your selling site....very nice...i have it down to two to choose from .


Jennifer Rose said...


there were lot of nice things to pick. Really hard to narrow the list down. Didn't list any of my items though, not usually something that is smiled upon on Etsy. I really love that sprinkle necklace, counting my pennies for that

Jeanette said...

Nice pears Jennifer. I love the crop and the colours are spot on.

Great to be on the Treasury...I haven't figured that bit out yet. :)

Melissa Muirhead said...

Great pears and I love your crop.

shicat said...

great colors and I love the crop job

The Tile Lady said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I just love your pears! The colored pencils was a great medium to choose and I love the way your background is the green of the fruit. Wonderful!

kay susan said...

I love the colours you used, makes for a very tranquil image!

Regina Calton Burchett said...

Nice colors and I like how you used the space. What was your surface? Very cool result.

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks everyone :D was fun to do.

Its on Canson Mi-Tientes paper

Chrissy said...

I do love haw yo get the proper shiney fruit thing....I couldn't do that. Its nicely done :-D
Now I'll go take a look at ur Etsy pick list

"JeanneG" said...

I really like the crop you did. Makes it very interesting.

Paulette said...

They have a lovely glow to them!

bluelilac said...

Neat crop with the pears!
What fun!

Kari Gibson said...

Just catching up here - lovely job you did with the pears, it would have been an unexciting composition as it was, but you have made it so interesting!