Saturday, November 01, 2008

4 Stitches!

"Everyday Matters #166" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

4 stitches seems like a lot for one mole. I took a picture because I'm morbid like that. But don't worry I wont post it here (well maybe :p). We had to go up to the minor injuries unit in town today because I was extremely itchy! It was really hard not to scratch it and rub up again the walls to try to make the itch go away. It was driving me insane. Well there must have been something in the glue of the bandage as it was very red and irritated. It is supposed to fade away but I was told not to put any kind of bandage on it, just gauze. hmm so thats surgical tape I am allergic to and now Elastoplast. I'm screwed if I cut myself lol

"Camolflauge" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So I finished the basic colours of all the feathers. The plan tomorrow is to work on this and try to get as much finished that I can. Well thats the plan anyway :p I finally decided to make the dragon a very purple/red so he stands out from the cool colours of some of the feathers.

Mr.Fuzzy has put a new version of Ubuntu on my laptop and just when I had finally figured out how to use the last one lol But it runs a lot faster with Ubuntu than it ever did with Vista. And I can use the desktop if I ever need to use Photoshop or play a pointless game (I am so glad I won't be able to afford a game when Diablo 3 comes out. I would never draw again :p)


Anonymous said...

hey. hope u had a great aniversary!!! im allergic to Elastoplast too. sucks but dont every get the glue bandaids alex got me it once i put it on and felt like my finger was on fire. not ill talk to mom about sending u some wedding pics
luv ya

Emma said...

You did make me laugh! Hope its not to sore tomorrow for you. Love the dragon and can't wait to see it completed. Hugs Em.x

Chrissy said...

The dragon is coming along nicely. I am allergic to everything, I think. I have a lot of trouble with my skin in particular and have to spend a lot of time getting moisture in or else it all cracks and bleeds :( sorry too much info there. I don't play games, they are bad, I would never get anything done. Have a good week Hugs from me

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks at the time she did say she was going to send me copies of the pics and any video anyone had but it never happened.

glad it made you laugh emma :)

kaslkaos said...

Glad I scrolled down (missed my 'connection time' last weekend) or I would have missed another posted sketch. Lovely fish sketch! It was fun clicking it bigger and reading the narrative. I had a goldfish like that, that ate out of my hands. Unfortunately, it probably got eaten by a cat or coon for its tameness. :-(