Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We are Under Attack Again!

And today is the day where all the neds try to blow each other up :p Yep its Guy Fawkes day. And while I know that there are people that use fireworks safely, they don't live here :p :/ It will be a good day if the papers this week don't report that animals have had fireworks tied to them and no one gets a firework through their letterbox. Yeah I know that sounds really negative, but its true. Which makes it sad :/

Anyway a visit to my neuroligst today (10 mins maybe :p). Who wants me to try to only take one 25mg of amitriptalene a day to see if I am not a zombie. The combo of what I was taking 50mg of amitriptalene and gabapentin can and do make me a sloth for most of the day. And I need to lose about 50 pounds. Which I knew anyway but he said that might be also making me slothish (hmm didn't know that was a word :p). I promise not to turn this blog into a weight loss blog. It is on my 101 list, which I really need to work on :)

"Camouflage WIP" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Started filling in the dragons face. I still need to add a lot of reds to him but not enough that he looks like he is bleeding :p His head isn't symmetrical but I'm not worried about that. I want to add a bit more yellow or orange to the right side of his head so it looks like the sun is shining on him.

This is very stylised which might become a problem if I start drawing my semi-realistic wildlife like this. Would be an interesting look just not what I would be going for :p

I am hoping to be done this soon so I can start on a few landscapes. I figured out what I want to draw, a few of NZ and one from Canada. I think a drawing of the lake would be interesting.

I am supposed to get a phone call from the Uni with info about getting or waiving a reference. If I have to go to the college first I will, just not sure how it would get funded. So fingers crossed that its helpful :D


Vic said...

Awww I love your dragon drawings, this one is looking good. I really hope that you will be suceessful in going to Uni, and its great to see you over at the Wildlife and Pet Portraitforum too.

Jennifer Rose said...

thank you :)

Its a really nice forum. I'm still trying to find my way around but everyone seems so nice ad helpful :)

Macpurp said...

i love watching your work progress. and he is stunning so far! cant wait to see him done.
Fingers crossed for Uni and let hom enew drug combo is better for you x

hugs xx