Monday, December 29, 2008

Inside Mr.Fuzzy's Head

A dragon sarong that I love, but its too cold to wear here (and its really see through), even during the summer :p Just nice to see colour on grey days like today

Sadly no picture of the inside of his brain, but I did see the results of his MRI (all good). Very cool to see the different sections and what is what. You could even see his eyeballs :D *poke* I just thought that was neat. I keep asking to see my MRI but the computer is either down or the Doc forgets. Def. next time I go to the neurologist I am seeing it. When I was first told I had MS they said the computer was busted, just made me think they didn't want me to see it so I wouldn't freak out more. I just want to see it so I know what it looks like. And not everyone can say they know what their brain looks like :p If I get a copy of the picture to post here I will (not the ones with my eyeballs though, that might gross some people out. I couldn't dissect a pig in school, but have no problem looking at someones brain :p My lab partner wanted to dissect the pig with his own knife >.< he was a little odd and that says something coming from me lol)

So I did plan on getting some drawing done today but that didn't happen because of the hospital visit, so I do have one goal for this coming year. Make a few more post before hand so I can have something to post when I have nothing at all to post. :p

I don't really have any goals for next year besides things that are on my 101 list which I really have to try to make a dent in. A lot of the things will not take me very long, and even if I only get half of the list completing that would be fine with me. I don't think its so much about completed the whole list, but trying to do the things on the list to at least say that you tried.


Chrissy said...

Lovely sarong, hope all is well with Mr Fuzzy? I am not too squeamish but I really wouldn't like to check out my brain, jeez anything could be in there!

Jennifer Rose said...

Mr.Fuzzy is all right :)
Yeah but then you could tell people when they asked if you had a brain you could tell them yes, you have seen what it looks like from the inside and its bigger than yours :p I don't know, its just cool to see things you normally don't :)