Thursday, December 18, 2008


This pigeon has been eating on the bird table for the last few days. And while I know he needs food, he is a pig :p First day he ate all the food on the top table and yesterday he ate all the food on the table he is one in the picture. All in on go. See a pig :p

I really do have way too much time on my hands when I find things like this.

I did write up an end of the year post, but its mostly for me to keep track of things. I think for 2009 I will only make a few art related goal, but not sure what yet. Sew more, and remember to catalogue my art. I did try to do it this year, but I kept forgetting to write things down. I really need to write up a statement to apply to Uni. I just have the hardest time writing about myself positively where I don't either sound like a prat, or coincided.

Went to The Meffan today to see their Xmas show. Came to a few conclusions:

1. Mr. Fuzzy hates abstract and conceptual art (I'm not too keen on it either)
2. There is a lot of bad art in this area
3. Landscape art is pretty good though
4. Heaven forbid you talk about a piece of art either in the positive or negative. I thought art was meant to be talked about. It wasn't like we said something was crap, unlike last month when it was and said it. I swear one of the people that was working there kept giving us a stare of death (and we were not being loud!)
5. Bigger doesn't always mean better, and there is a trend to put a gigantic frame on small pieces, dwarfing the work and taking away from it.

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Chrissy said...

I am not very keen on abstract art although I know this is a personal thing. Andy really doesn't like it either...his comments can be quite amusing! I like landscpaes but don't do them very often, I have some of other peoples on my walls though..