Saturday, December 06, 2008

This is....the world's crappiest xmas tree??

This is the crappy tree we got from a store starting with a W, pitiful isn't it....

I mean it was only £5 but....(it looks like its been in the skip twice already :P, like someone recovered it and threw it back, I think it needs put down...actually it already looks dead..ugh > Mr.Fuzzy)

So back it went and we got this fantastic German made tree from a store starting with the letter A :-D

I would have thought that with a fake tree that the floor wouldn't be covered in "needles". How very wrong I was :p

So we decorated the tree in the hall. Pretty much the only place to put it. Blue and silver :)

(yes the lights are electric blue....more like radioactive blue, but also enviro feeds the geek in me :P...Mr.Fuzzy...ho ho ho)


Macpurp said...

ooooh pretty tree! i am feeling the need to put mine up soon!


Jennifer Rose said...

Post a pic when you do :D

Tweed Delights said...

Like the blue! Put ours up yesterday - looks a bit mad and chaotic, what's new :)!

Grooveycrafts said...

That first tree did look awful, if I'm right with the W store they have been in the press lately of becoming bankrupt so it explains why :P.

You ended up with a way better one and it looks great :)

Rita said...

Looks good Jennifer!

I'm not usually a big fan of blue lights at Christmas but I've got to say that you may have changed my mind. ;)

Chrissy said...

Looks cool............Mine will have to go in the hallway too. but not for a little while, I am busy week this week and I want to remove all the dust before I add more, lol

Jennifer Rose said...

mad and chaotic is good :D Post a pic once its up :)

lol yep thats the store Thanks :)

The lights were supposed to be red, but there weren't any left, but the blue does look nice :) Thanks

Thanks Chrissy :) meh I don't dust :p

leslie said...

The blue LED lights on the tree and in the living room are way cool!
Merry Christmas!

I think that you should boldly mention the full name of the store that tried to pass that poor tree off as anything but a Charlie Brown tree.

Serena said...

Goodness, you could barely call the first one a tree..but I'm glad you ended up with the second one. So pretty with the blue lights...silver and blue are a perfect combo.

Oh, and I agree, the fake ones shed too.

Jennifer Rose said...

lol Leslie Since the stores are closing, its Woolworths

If real trees were not so much money here, I'd rather have the real one :p

kaslkaos said...

That first tree is absolutely hilarious! Glad you got a better one...jokes get tired fast if you have to look at them everyday.
We live in christmas tree land (tree farms up and down the road from us) so we'll be getting a real one.