Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Helping with the washing

Helping with the washing
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Show off :p (I am sure that the neighbours are thinking I'm nuts taking pictures of the washing line lol) Pic #2 of 30 I have a few more ideas for pictures and after that I will probably struggle to think of something to put in the picture. I was afraid he would blow away in the wind lol a flying cow!

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I decided to re-do a piece I started a few weeks ago and this time just use normal pencils. This is no where near being finished, its only the first layer and I'm roughing in where the shadows will go. I hope to have most of it done tomorrow so that I can start on 6 to 9 ACEOs to put with my portfolio. Those shouldn't take too long, at the most 3 hours a card (1 if I go really quick but I want them to look good :p)


nuvonova said...

I love your fuzzydragons!

Tweed Delights said...

He looks very cute on the washing line - hope he didn't get blown away today!! :)

Macpurp said...

I was laughing so much when I spotted the Moo Coo hanging in between the washing!
cant wait to see what else this wee moo gets up to!!!

love T xx

Serena said...

LOL...whatever you do, don't let him drive the car. ;)

Your drawing is coming along beautifully! I love the one you have in your header pic ~ :)

Jennifer Rose said...

thank you :D

alison- he almost did lol

tina- glad it made you laugh :D I'm hoping I don't lose him walking around though

serena- thank you :) that dragon in my header is one of my favourites that I have drawn :) no car to drive, maybe let him ride hubby's pedal bike though :p

Sandy said...

I have always wanted to do ACEO's. I may have to start. Looking forward to seeing this done.

Jennifer Rose said...

ACEOs are really easy to do and its a great feeling to get lots of art done, even if its small stuff :) hopefully you try to make some :)