Friday, February 20, 2009

New comment box

Mr Fuzzy here (I now have posting rights :-D *Cackles*)
Ok so after LOTS of frustration and temptation to get drunk in an attempt to make sense of it, I FINALLY got disqus to install and work. (its a new comment handling applet thing, meant to try and reduce spam, as comments which get a poor rating automatically dissappear as voted by people (if it gets abused then it goes, the threshold for stuff vanishing is pretty high to counter that though :-) If its too annoying for people commenting then it also will go, so leave a message and let us know :-) )

1) Will not work with Ubuntu linux (Which is what is on Mrs Fuzzy's laptop and what I had loaded on my desktop) which meant a lot of wasted time, till I logged into Windows XP where it worked fine.

2) Took a few goes tinkering around for it to work, found that comments had to be set to "full page" and not "pop-up" to get it to work

3) I don't get the name, I realise its a trademarkable name, but I don't get it, very "new media", like the concept, dislike the name, sorry :P

Mrs Fuzzy likes the fact its more like forum commenting than just blogging, hopefully she keeps liking it as it drove me nearly nuts trying to get it working (and I have a degree in computing...should not be this hard to get working )