Sunday, February 22, 2009

Punk Dove

Someone who had the flat before us must have loved snowdrops because there is a row of them by the rose hedge and there are all kinds over the whole of the lawn. Not going to complain as they are really pretty when they come up :) And Mr. Fuzzy discovered some barbed wire in one of the hedges o.0 who puts barbed wire in a hedge? So its going to have a meeting with an angle grinder soon (the wire is just dangerous) And the paths that were fixed are crumbling now. Good thing we just rent because this flat is a money trap :p The path in the back we will probably just end up fixing ourselves as it will be a lot quicker then getting the council to. Hey I get to use a sledge hammer to break the broken stuff up more (ok maybe not, dont' think I could even lift one lol)

Punk rocker dove with a mohawk :p

What do you want?!? Stop taking pictures and bring me more food please! These doves have been back everyday for the last 2 weeks. Not sure which one is female or male. I am really glad that they keep coming back, they are very relaxing to watch. The finches are always fighting, the blackbirds hanging upside down and the pigeon jumping from table to table, often landing on another bird :p

Finished writing the statement that I needed to write to apply to Uni. Now I just need to write a reference (I was told I could write my own as I don't have one), and then organize my portfolio. I will post pictures of the portfolio before I send it off in case people think that the order of work should be different. There isn't going to be a lot of pieces, which shouldn't matter that much. If I get into school I get in. It would be nice, but if not I will just try to the college or take a small class.

So far the comment box is getting more negative feedback then good, so it will probably go unless the problems get fixed. Which is a shame because I really do like the look of it.