Friday, February 20, 2009

Scottish Word of the Week Feb, 20

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I haven't posted a Scottish word for almost a month so here are 2 :D

1. hochmagandy
2. bawbee

Answer to the last Scottish word:

1. byke is a wasp's nest

I might run out of words eventually, but there are lots left and I could always ask older people because they use words that people don't really use now. Its actually interesting and sad at the same time how some words are lost and why they are lost.


Sandy said...

interesting words. I have ancestors from Scotland, sure wish I had learned just one thing from them. I like Hochmagandy...sounds so Scottish. That a bunch of Hochmagandy, is how I think it would be used in a sentence, ha.

Jennifer Rose said...

well you could use the word like that, but you might get a few odd looks ;)

leslie said...

Hochmagandy = guy from India that was into passive resistance.

Bawbee = Ken's high maintenance girlfriend.

Jennifer Rose said...

lol leslie :D